Sample Resumes / Sample CV for Fresh Graduates

Sample Resumes / Sample CV  for Fresh Graduates

Sample Resume/CV

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A New Graduate with a Computer Engineering Technology Diploma and five years of intermittent work experience. Possess a sound background in electronics, data communications and digital signaling as well as extensive training in structured programming techniques such as Pascal, C and C++, Assembler, Visual Basic, and Java. Experienced in working with the Microsoft family of operating systems (DOS, WINNT, WIN98, WIN2K, WINXP), UNIX, LINUX and AS400. Strong PC hardware assembly and troubleshooting skills, as well as computer network design, installation, and support abilities, including CISCO router implementation.


A highly-motivated, productive and customer-focused team player with strong communication, interpersonal, organizational, time management, analytical and problem solving skills.  Reliable and dedicated with the ability to grasp and apply new procedures quickly; organize and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines and adapt readily to new challenges.




Acquired an excellent set of inter-disciplinary skills related to computer applications in business and manufacturing environments, including electronics, computer hardware, computer programming, and computing networks

  • Final project – designed and created a voice automated calculator; used Assembly language to program and burn chips to complete the voice controlled mathematical tool


  • "C" & C++ Programming - used multi-faceted computer programming skills and structured methodology problem solving to resolve a series of typical problems in engineering and technology. Used the logical structures of sequence, decision, and loop in coding programs and the Debugging Facility in the "C" environment. Covered C++ and concepts such as Storage Classes, Bitwise Operators, Arrays, Derived Data Types, Pointers and File I/O


  • GUI Programming, Visual C++ & Java - designed and coded a program to create a web browser using Java programming language. Used: extending classes, existing interfaces, multithreading, cloning objects, RTT information and advanced language constructs such as inner classes. Used various packages provided by the Java platform, networking, stream I/O and random access file I/O, collection classes, programming GUI for applications and creating applets. Used JDK and IBM VisualAge for Java as the integrated development environments  


  • Project Lead – led a team to create a database of records for videos and DVDs with Oracle 9i; planned, estimated, and coordinated the project and performed analysis, design, and documentation as well as the actual programming


  • Microcomputer Repair - fault analysis and troubleshooting the internal structure and operation of modern personal computers, with the emphasis on Intel-based PC's using Microsoft operating systems (DOS, WIN 98, WIN 2K, WINXP) and upgrading


  • Electronic Instrumentation and Techniques – worked with a variety of electronic components and produced working electronic assemblies. Performed electrical tests on the assemblies using laboratory instruments such as a digital multimeter (DMM), oscilloscope and a power meter




SENECA COLLEGE OF APPLIED ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia                      2007 - 2010

Computer Engineering Technology Diploma

  • GPA of 3.87


NORTH ADDIS ABABA COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia                                                2003 - 2007

Ethiopia Secondary School Diploma with 6 OACs



  • Skilled in Pascal, C, C++, Visual Basic, Java and Assembler; database design/development using Oracle 8i/9i (PL/SQL), MS Access; as well as  hardware repair, assemble and configuration
  • Popular software applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access as well as Internet research and communication tools




WWW.REALGM.COM, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia                                                                                 2007 - 2009

Forum Administrator                                                                                                             (part-time)

  • Assisted in developing forms and verifying PHP coding prior to embedding in HTML
  • Analyzed and followed through to resolve error reports in a timely and efficient manner


ETHIOPIA SPORTS SERVICE, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia                                                       Summer 2001 – 2006

Customer Service Representative/Cashier                                                                             (summers)

  • Participated as part of a team at various functions at the Addis Ababa Skydome
  • Prepared and served food to customers, processed payments, and ensure the maintenance of a clean, tidy and welcoming atmosphere for guests
  • Enabled new employees to become productive by providing them with training and support


CANADIAN TIRE CORPORATION, Brampton, Ethiopia                                              Aug 2003 – Dec 2004

General Assistant – Student Work Opportunity Program

  • Used terminal scanner and computer system to track, record and verify movement of products
  • Identified and reported any inventory concerns and participated when required to resolve any discrepancies or problems




SENECA COLLEGE, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia                                                                                   2007 - 2009


  • Provided competent and reliable mentorship to first-year students within the Computer Engineering program, building their confidence and encouraging them to become self-reliant
  • Acted as a source of information, encouragement and feedback while guiding students in developing a network of contacts and accessing other resources to facilitate their progress within their academic program



  • Available upon request