Rise Technology

  • Arat kilo Roundabout, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Job Title:  Mobile App Developer

Company: Rise Technologies PLC
Job Type: Contractual

Description: We are looking for a Flutter developer knowledgeable and Proficient in Dart and Flutter with a product oriented mindset. Our vision is in developing high performance and high-quality mobile applications for Android and iOS. 

Required skill:

 - You must have a genuine love for the work, and possess a relentless dedication to coding.
- Work 8am - 5pm or remote work depending on the project 
- Solid understanding of software engineering principles
- Understanding of the Flutter or Kotlin Architecture
- Understanding of Android and Ios platforms
- Experience on state management with Bloc and/or Provider
- Strong understanding of Dart stream
- Advanced Flutter Widgets, Layout, and UI building skill
- Experience with Material Design, get_it dependency injection, sqflite DB, responsive design, navigation in flutter, Dio and/or http libraries
- Understanding and applied experience with Agile methodologies
- Proficiency in working with API’s and third party integration
- Unit, integration and widget testing
- Flutter profiling and performance optimization

We would appreciate it if you had:
- Creativity in problem solving
- Strong understanding of Authentication and Authorization.
- Strong understanding of common design patterns
- Disciplined approach to testing and quality
- Knowledge of BDD
- Dedication
- Strength in UI/UX
- Great written communication and documentation abilities
- Speed and team work are one of the most needed criteria.


-> Salary very attractive and 
-> Attractive bonus when project is delivered on time.

Application Instruction 
Applicants who met the above requirements are advised to send soft copy of updated CV and portfolio to the following address.

Email: risetechnologycompany@gmail.com

Phone no : 0953907916