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  • XQVR+P5G, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is an eye clinic in addis ababa. It is located at XQVR+P5G, Addis Ababa. The phone number to get in touch with us is +251 903461653. You can chat with us on our official website : Be relaxed once more by restoring your vision at our eye clinic located in Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa Eye Clinic provides top-of-the-line eye care and cataract surgery services in Addis Ababa. Our clinic has been serving local residents, expatriates , and tourists for more than 10 years. Welcome to Addis Ababa Eye Clinic, a vision clinic that cares about your eyes.


Ophthalmology clinic in addis ababa

Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is an eye hospital well-equipped. With the latest technologies we can provide you with only the finest eye care for your eyes in Addis Ababa city Ethiopia.


The principal goal of our eye specialists and nurses is to improve the quality of your vision. They'll help you get the best eye care procedures and surgeries in Ethiopia.


Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is the most effective eye clinic located in Addis Ababa. Our services include :


  • The eye doctors of Addis Ababa Eye Clinic Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are well experienced and renowned in Ethiopia.

  • Addis Ababa Eye Clinic has an amharic as well as an English-speaking medical personnel

  • The materials used in the eye care of the Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are top of the line, that are imported from USA

  • The rooms that treat vision problems at the Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are regularly disinfected and cleaned.

  • Addis Ababa Eye Clinic follows covid-19 safety measures to avoid any cross-contamination.


What is the background? Addis Ababa Eye Clinic treatments

We treat eye disorders

The eye lens diseases for which we offer treatment at the Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are :

- Cataract : For cataracts patients, eye lens become opaque

Myopia: In myopia patients, close object is visible, but distant ones don't.

Hypermetropia: In hypermetropia patients, objects nearby appear blurry

Presbyopia : People who suffer from presbyopia have difficulty focusing on objects that are close to them.


Conjunctiva Disorders treatments

Conjunctival problems that we provide treatment for are :

Conjunctivitis, also known as conjunctivitis, is inflammation of the conjunctiva, usually due to eye infections or allergic reaction

Conjunctival concretions are hard secretions that develop under the eyelids.


Cornea Conditions Treatments

Cornea conditions for which we provide treatment may include but are not the only ones that we treat.

Dry eye syndrome : it's the result of suffering from dry eyes. It is manifested as irritation, blurred or irritated vision as well as eyes that are red ...

-- Corneal infections due to virus, bacteria and fungi

- The cornea is inflamed.

- Cloudy morning vision


Glaucoma treatments

Glaucoma disorders for which we provide treatments in our eye clinic in Addis Ababa are :

Primary open-angle glaucoma

Primary normal tension glaucoma

- Primary angle-closure glaucoma

Secondary Glaucoma


Eyeglasses & Lenses Treatments

Optometrists and ophthalmologists can prescribe and create a prescription for you.

- Vision correction eyeglasses for refractive errors like myopia, hypermetropia etc..

- Contact lenses

Safety glasses

- Sport glasses


Other Treatments

Addis Ababa Eye Clinic also offer others vision care treatments such as but not limited to :

Ophthalmology for children

- Amblyopia

- Medical retina

- Emergency vision care and more ...


Common Eye Problems

We highly suggest you visit your eye specialist at the first sign of one of these symptoms :


  • Your vision may change, and you have double vision blind spots, wavy lines, lighting halos, blurry faces, watery vision, flashes of lightning streaks, light or streaks of light that are jagged.

  • There is a change in your field of sight that include shadows, black spots in peripheral and central vision, blurriness or blurred vision due to curtains.

  • There are changes in your vision color

  • A sudden loss of vision

  • The patient experiences a gradual loss of vision either in one or both eyes.

  • A physical object touched your eye, like hard dust, insect bites, chemicals etc...

  • You notice physical changes in your eyes , such as crossed eyes , eyes that are swelling eyes that turn down or up in size, redness, inflammation and discharge.

A Reliable Ophthalmology practice near you

Our ophthalmology clinic in Addis Ababa has eye specialists who offer diagnostic examinations and treatments. Addis Ababa Eye clinic offers medical and surgical solutions for all types of ophthalmic disorders from infants to patients of all ages.


The ophthalmologists from our eye clinic, who will be taking charge of your eye health are highly trained eye surgeons and doctors who are medical leaders to eye health throughout Ethiopia.


Our eye doctors in Ethiopia have completed medical school and received several years of postgraduate instruction for the treatment and diagnosis of eye diseases.


Addis Ababa Eye Clinic employs optometrists and vision therapists who are medical professionals with license in the field of eye care and treatment of eye diseases.


Our ophthalmologists provide comprehensive eye exams and surgeries on patients, prescribing and administering medications. The opticians are able to relay the most suitable prescription for your glasses or lenses.

Expert Eye Doctor at your care

In addition, the Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is also home to certified Ethiopian eye doctors and opticians who develop, fit, and dispense lenses. They will provide adjustments to your vision based on the prescriptions of our opthmologists.


The opticians set what specifications are required for the various eyeglasses that will give patients the necessary correction for your eyesight.


They may also be able to offer alternative prescriptions in the event you cannot due to personal reasons undergo the advised treatment (eyeglasses vs contact lenses for instance).


Visit our Vision Care center in ethiopia today


Going to our vision treatment center in Addis Ababa for prevention or early treatment care is the best way to lower the risk of permanent eye damage and loss of vision.


Our eye clinic in Ethiopia can assist you with several options in taking care of your eyesight, or treating an eye problem.


To schedule an appointment, we can be reached at our vision clinic by phone at +251 903461653, email here or directly by using the online booking form clicking here.