LionHeart Academy / ARTplus Media Communications

  • Ayat, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

LionHeart Academy is an international school educating students with an international curriculum.  We are accredited by the Ministry of Education to provide Preschool through High School (grade 1-12) plus daycare.  LionHeart Academy is a member of the Council of International Schools - CIS. 

We accept only 15 students per class and have only one section per grade.  Our instructors, both foreign & national, teach because it's their passion and not because it's a job.  They come with matching educational credentials as the subjects they teach.  They care about their students and the growth of the education sector in Ethiopia.

The LionHeart is a collaborative group.  We join forces every day to develop engaging ways to help our students experience joy in discovering new things, find satisfaction in solving problems and relish reward from sharing their views with classmates.  Our curriculum, HighScope, is based in current research and best practices proven effective at making learning fun and inspiring.  LionHeart teachers lead as positive role models for the LionHeart community of students, colleagues, parents and staff.   Faculty members uphold the following duties, aptitudes and responsibilities: