Bekas Chemicals

  • Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

BEKAS CHEMICALS Private Limited Company is engaged in manufacturing synthetic detergents, cosmetic products, plastic packing materials, industrial surfactants and putty. It is well known on the market particularly for its Bekas Bright liquid and powder detergents for cleaning clothes and Bekas Sine liquid detergent for dish washing.

The company’s head office is located in Addis Ababa and has branches in Adama City, Oromia region, about 100 km south of Addis Ababa, and another branch in Mekele City, Tigray Region, which is about 800 km North of Addis Ababa. The head office, putty and industrial products manufacturing plant are located in Addis Ababa, whereas liquid, powder and bar detergents as well as industrial surfactants are produced in Adama and Mekelle cities.

Bekas chemicals PLC is a company that began its business from a tiny stage and currently runs with about 168 Million Birr share capital and its annual turnover has reached about 1.2 billion Birr. It is a fast growing company. Currently, the number of its employees has reached about 600 (six hundred).