Ts Technostyle PLC

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Technostyle, a Private Limited Company was established in 1988 envisioning the need for modern and quality furniture with two staff members and a modest capital. Currently, its capital has increased relatively at an average annual growth rate of 20%. Today, Technostyle is seen by customers, suppliers, competitors, and the government as one of the most credible and respectable enterprise in the country. “Technostyle” is synonymous with ethical business practice in Ethiopia. The name is your guarantee for superior products and services.

Technostyle is led by Founder and Managing Director Amelework Giday along the experienced team of professionals who were able to identify the increasing demand for creating a convenient working and living environment to the local and international offices. Technostyle has been able to create a better everyday for all people impacted by our business. By continuously participating in International trade fairs, seminars, leadership conferences and workshops Technostyle has been able to develop an in depth knowledge on global market trends.

Technostyle is a pioneer leading company in Ethiopia with the highest market share in the supply of elegant, modern, aesthetic, environment friendly, flexible and space saving office furniture. By incorporating space planning and turnkey interior design Technostyle has become a strategic resource for innovative products and services.