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DAI is an international development company. For more than 45 years, we have worked on the frontlines of international development, tackling fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and instability. Currently, DAI is delivering results that matter in some 80 countries. Our development solutions turn ideas into impact by bringing together fresh combinations of expertise and innovation across multiple disciplines. Our clients include international development agencies, international lending institutions, private corporations and philanthropies, and national governments.

Jun 20, 2018
Green Growth Advisor We are looking for a Green Growth Advisor based in Ethiopia   Position based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Enclude ( is an advisory firm dedicated to building an inclusive and prosperous global economy. We provide integrated capacity and capital services that help clients and partners design, connect, finance and build solutions that generate business results and positive social and environmental outcomes.  Enclude’s committed professionals work in five registered offices (Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, India) and in project locations across the world, including Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Central Asia.  Enclude  provide advisory services that accelerate sustainable growth in emerging economies, deliver meaningful returns and strengthen businesses, institutions and the entrepreneurs, enterprises and communities they serve. For an ongoing, long-term project in Ethiopia, PEPE, Enclude is recruiting a  Green Growth Advisor. PEPE is a wealth-creation programme funded by DfID and implemented, in part, by DAI-Europe, First Consult, ITAD, Enclude and BCaD  from 2013-2020 in Ethiopia. Enterprise Partners, PEPE’s M4P pillar, facilitates market development in four sectors (Garments, Leather, Horticulture, and Investment) in order to spur innovation and investment by firms that create women’s jobs & increase incomes. Scope of Work  –  Green Growth Advisor The PEPE Green Growth Advisor, based in Ethiopia, will be responsible for the design and implementation of green growth strategies integral to achieving PEPE Programme objectives. The Green Growth Advisor will: With the MRM/cross-cutting team (50% of time) · Maintain and update EP’s Green Growth strategy documents. · Provide advice and support to interventions and markets as required, ensuring that they take into account environmental issues. · Training team on the Green Impact Framework, and raising awareness of this in the team. · Develop green impact estimates for new interventions that expect to have a positive impact on the environment. · Assess progress against green impact pathways to inform EP’s reporting on green sales. · Support work planning, reviews and reporting of EP.   With the leather team (50% of time) ·  As an initial assignment, work with the leather team in supporting the implementation of the new interventions being designed (efforts on LWG certification and cleaner production technology) ·  Understand the leather sector challenges from environmental perspective and design new interventions with the team ·  Support the facilitation of government’s common effluent treatment plant park in Modjo    Job Requirements Qualifications: University degree in a relevant field, such as business, development finance, development studies or environmental management. A minimum of 7  years of  working experience, of which at least 3 years must be in the field of green growth or the leather industry. Applicants with less than 7 years of relevant experience will not be considered.    Requirements are: · At least 7 years of relevant working experience, of which at least 3 years in the field of green growth or the leather industry; · Strong understanding of environmental issues and solutions facing the private sector in Ethiopia. · Specific experience with the leather sector in Ethiopia. · Familiarity with the following sectors/industries is an advantage: horticulture (fruits and vegetables), cotton , textiles and garments; · Hands-on, entrepreneurial approach with proven experience in and passion for green business and driving to innovative solutions; · Good interpersonal and communication skills, experience working in multicultural teams; · Experience working with the private sector, preferably with investors; · Excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken; . Willingness to be based in Addis Ababa and regularly travel to other regions in Ethiopia for approximately 2 years;   How to Apply To apply, please mark in the subject line 'Green Growth Advisor' and send by e-mail: · a short letter, detailing your motivation, capability and expectations for this position · your CV, detailing your work experience Please send above by email to epjobs@ enterprisepartners .org before 13 July 2018. Selected candidates will receive a more detailed information package on the project, the position and the conditions offered for consideration, and will be invited to an interview after confirming availability and interest.  
Development Alternative Inc (DAI) Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Full time
Jun 12, 2018
Organization: DAI Global Country: Ethiopia Closing date: 22 Jun 2018 Terms of Reference (ToRs) Garments: Labour Market Financial scheme and Career path development (Tatari) Intervention *Strategic Communications Partner Period of assignment: July to September, 2018 ** BACKGROUND DAI Europe, together with consortium partners First Consult; Enclude; and ITAD, is managing the UKaid-funded Private Enterprise Program Ethiopia (PEEP) a seven-year £70 million program that aims to support and transform the private sector and Ethiopia’s continued economic growth implemented by Enterprise Partner (EP). EP is utilising the Making Markets Work for the Poor approach (M4P) and has two main pillars to achieve the goal of integrating the poor, and especially women, in sustainable economic enterprises that create jobs and improve incomes. The planned impact is to create 45,000 jobs (75% of which will be held by women) and increase the incomes of 65,000 households by at least 20%. The EP pillars are: The Finance Group is expected to achieve the outcome of increasing investment levels in the Ethiopian economy, particularly for growth-oriented small and medium enterprise. This will include funding of green technologies where appropriate and develop funding for green growth investment. The Agro-Industrial Group is expected to achieve the outcome of increasing returns on investment (productivity) and investment levels in the identified sectors of cotton/textiles, livestock/leather and horticulture, in order to achieve the impact of creating jobs and raising household incomes. Additionally, this pillar will incorporate the promotion of climate change awareness and addressing women’s economic empowerment. Background specific to this assignment Ethiopia has embarked an endeavour of setting up industrial parks to spur industrialization and economic growth. Hawasa Industrial Park (HIP) is the flagship park set up by the government which focuses on Garments export. There are currently 18 factories operating in the park. However, the factories in the park are faced with challenges of high labour turnover and low labour productivity. This is mainly owing to the fact that employees are coming from agricultural background and do not see a future for themselves in the industrial settings. EP has designed an intervention to address these challenges faced by factories in the HIP and beyond. The intervention designed is an integrated package of savings, loan and entrepreneurship. The integrated scheme aims to increase worker retention and productivity by building a long-term purpose and plan for workers of becoming owners and managers of SME businesses. The intervention also aims to addresses issues related to workers weak capacity on financial awareness, SME business development & market linkages, as well as FDI knowledge and technology transfer. The Brand name of the intervention is ‘TATARI’, Amharic for hard-working or industrious with a caption “ የነገ ሥራ ፈጣሪ”. A Technical Working Group (TWG) comprised of EP, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), Development Bank of Ethiopia(DBE) and Federal Small and Medium Manufacturing Agency (FeSMMIDA) is set up to coordinate the successful implementation of Tatari. Please review the concept note in the annex for more information on the intervention. 2. PURPOSE The purpose of the assignment is to contract a strategic communication partner to develop a communication strategy, and a campaign plan on various outreach platforms. The immediate purpose of the communication strategy is greater understanding and uptake of Tatari by workers. The long-term goal is to create an awareness among job seekers about the potential career path of working in industrial set-up and how it can impact their life. Potentially using Tatari as a pulling factor for new joiners in to the HIP. 3. SPECIFIC TASKS The communication partner is responsible for advising, guiding and developing the overall Tatari communication strategy along with related promotion materials design and delivery. The communication partner will also be responsible for ensuring quality delivery of the communication strategy and related materials. Expected outputs include Pre-assignment Proposal Technical proposal with a proposed communication strategy, a detailed work plan and timeline Financial proposal with 3 set of budgets as applicable to a small scale, medium scale and large scale implementation plan for the communication strategy Post-assignment Inception report detailing understanding of the assignment and related approach to be taken. Preliminary assessment and a workshop to validate findings Communication strategy development Implementation plan which includes production phase and communication tools Note: Selection criteria will be based on the innovativeness and efficiency of the submitted proposal. 4. QUALIFICATION Job Experience Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience working as a communication partner for development projects, similar in nature and level of complexity as EP. Please refer to our website for more information on EP. Experience in running media promotional campaigns and developing motion graphics to raise awareness for various development partner affiliates, a UN agency or similar international organizations is highly desirable. Essential Competencies Registered business license for media campaign promotions. Advanced design skills in motion graphics, particularly character animation. Advanced skills working with Illustrator, In-Design and Adobe after Effects and Cinema 4D 5. WORKING ARRANGEMENTS: A working group (TWG) comprising of EP, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), Development bank of Ethiopia(DBE) and Federal Small and Medium Manufacturing Agency (FeSMMIDA) is set up to coordinate the implementation of the Tatari Intervention. The communication partner shall work with the TWG at all stages of the development process; reporting to Enterprise Partners. 6. TIMELINE: The Tatari scheme will have a six-month period of pilot projected to take place between July to December, 2018. Following the successful implementation of the pilot, scale up is expected to take place to all factories in HIP and other parks in the country. Accordingly, the communication partner will be critical in designing the communication strategy and related materials in the first three months of the pilot. Learnings from the pilot are also expected to be captured by the communication campaign for continuous communication. The bidding process and related selection of communication partner is expected to be finalized within the month of June 2018. This allows for two weeks for technical and financial proposal submission and a few days for selection of partner. Once a partner is selected preliminary assessment and inception meetings need to start within a week period of time. This allows for the validation workshop to take place Mid-July to End-July, 2018. These and other deliverables need to be detailed in a work plan to be submitted as part of the technical proposal. 7. APPLICATION PROCESS Application will follow an open bidding process with companies submitting a detailed technical and financial proposals in separate PDF documents; to EP through the email: within two weeks from the date of the announcement. No application will be accepted beyond the deadline. Please follow the link below to read through the Annex - Tatari Concept Note: Last date for submission of application is 22nd June, 2018. How to apply: To apply follow the link below:
Development Alternative Inc (DAI) Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Full time
Jun 06, 2018
Organization: DAI Global Country: Ethiopia Closing date: 15 Jun 2018 Expression of Interest DAI Europe, together with consortium partners First Consult; Enclude; and ITAD, is managing the UKaid-funded organisation Enterprise Partners (EP), which aims to support and transform Ethiopia’s private sector with continued economic growth. Enterprise Partners is utilising the Making Markets Work for the Poor approach (M4P) and has two main pillars focused to facilitate agro-industrial growth and access to finance in Ethiopia. This call for Expression of Interest is directed for consultancy service firms, with a minimum of 10 years or more experience in supply chain management and strategy development. Enterprise Partners is searching for a highly efficient consultancy firm to support in developing a comprehensive business strategy and an implementation roadmap for the Ethiopian Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise (EIIDE) and effectively serve Ethiopian industries. The selected firm should be able to formulate the enterprises institutional set-up and financing policy to ensure the availability of required resources. The prospective service provider should include a statement detailing suitability for the role and all relevant experience in the field (required to have undertaken similar assignments in at least 3 countries). Proven resourcefulness; demonstrate verbal and written communication in Amharic and English. The service provider(s) must submit samples of related-work from previous held postings. Please note that Expression of Interest will expire within 15 consecutive days of posting. Interested applicants can send their general information to The last date for submission of applications is 15th June 2018 How to apply: Interested applicants can send their general information to .
Development Alternative Inc (DAI) Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Contractor