LuMa Import & Export

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

LuMa is the first cross-border ecommerce platform service provider in partnership with KiKUU.  The online store today offers an online shopping experience that involves discovery and fulfilment for our customers. With over 900,000 products to choose from, we believe that online sales over the web can offer attractive benefits to consumers, including, without limitation, enhanced selection, convenience, ease-of-use, competitive pricing, depth of content and information as customers entering the online store to browse learn and discover.  The Company aspires to become  the leading online marketplace of consumer products for Ethiopian products connecting local sellers and global buyers.  The Company has benefited from Kikuu’s light-asset, no-inventory business model.  By leveraging the infrastructure of kikuu and it helps lower its costs, thanks to economies of scale. LuMa does not hold its own inventory or sells from its own its own inventory but only sell goods from third-party sellers directly to consumers through the online platform and mobile application.  LuMa is currently expanding and is looking for bright, dedicated people who are looking to become part of a very fast-pace, entrepreneurial work environment.