Panagora Group

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Panagora Group focuses on novel and integrated approaches to health and development. True to our name, Panagora is an “inclusive space where ideas bubble and the best thrive and spread.” To that end, we place special focus on integrating learning and adaptation into how social and economic development interventions are designed – to respond to changing circumstances, and learn from experience. 

  Our expertise includes:

  • Private sector and public-private partnership approaches 
    • Total/local market approaches to incentivize sustainable commodity supply
    • Social franchising for quality services for the poor with cost recovery through cross-subsidization
    • Private provider networks to improve service quality and management
    • Public-private partnerships for sustainable solutions
    • Operationalizing policies and regulations
  • Human and institutional capacity-building
    • Organizational development using participatory and appreciative approaches that facilitate open exchange and build the buy-in and ownership necessary for successful organizational change
    • Capacity- and skills-building through a combination of training and on-the-job mentoring and coaching to ensure integration of newly acquired skills 
    • ICT (information and communications technology) for information management, decision-making, and provider support
    • System strengthening in low-resource and conflict-affected settings
  • Knowledge sharing and collaborative learning
    • Innovative knowledge sharing approaches to capture donor investments and lessons learned,  and to promote dialogue, ownership and South-South sharing of good practices 
    • Monitoring and evaluation with facilitated and collaborative learning approaches to improve the quality of program design and implementation
    • Application of ICT  buttressed by expert facilitation to support knowledge-sharing, collaborative learning, and training
  • NGO/community engagement
    • NGO engagement to carry out technical work and manage donors funds through capacity building and grant financing mechanisms
    • Community engagement through the champion collaborative approach wherein communities and service delivery points join forces to greatly increase outcomes
    • ICT for social mobilization, communication, and behavior change
  •  Integrated/multisectoral approaches 
    •  Build sustainable country capacity through strengthening sector systems across levels—national, regional, and local—while lodged in the realities of engaged communities
    • Multisectoral activities that mirror how people live – where information, commodities, and services are provided in an integrated and accessible manner in routine settings, such as  workplaces and schools