AMI Expeditionary Healthcare, LLC

  • Reston, VA 20190

AMI provides medical services to international aid organizations, humanitarian concerns, the private sector and government agencies in a wide range of remote and challenging environments.

AMI grew out of a need to provide the highest quality healthcare in areas of high demand. Our company delivers a unique combination of extremely flexible teams of health practitioners combined with fixed and mobile medical facilities and highly refined medical processes and procedures. This combination allows us to provide an expanding number of bespoke health services around the world.

AMI’s services range from health consultancies and deployment of single-person aid posts and mobile clinics through to full field hospitals and global aeromedical evacuation solutions. We can provide people, facilities, equipment, consumables, pharmacy products, procedures, training or any combination of these services depending upon the customer’s needs, requirements and desired healthcare outcomes.

AMI ensures that it gains an intimate understanding of our client’s operational culture, methodologies and practices, and can quickly integrate its medical personnel and services to interact seamlessly and efficiently with the client. This close cooperation between AMI and the client ensures maximized delivery, customer satisfaction and most importantly excellent patient care. A key feature of AMI’s work is our ability to operate in areas where health services are under-resourced or non-existent. Our strong operational model ensures clinical and fiscal rigor while maintaining the necessary flexibility to meet changing environmental, clinical and contractual demands.