Integrated Social Development

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Integrated Social Development (ISD) is a local; non-governmental; non-profit; non-partisan development organization registered with Charities and Societies agency in 2016. ISD is built on core professional values of providing sustained, participatory, evidence based and all rounded social and economic services to under-served communities in such a way that the inner value and capacity of the local communities is used for building local capacity, with particular emphasis to pastoral areas of Oromia, Afar and Somali National Regional States. ISD has its head quarter in Addis Ababa and regional project offices in Afar and Somali regions staffed with qualified and dedicated employees in addition to open, transparent and efficient internal control, human resource, logistics and administration system.

In the past four successful years, ISD managed to reach 3,000 marginalized and under-served pastoral households in Oromia with safe and accessible water services, including IEC/SBCC intervention on Sanitation and hygiene practices. Moreover, interventions aimed at enhancing grassroots level of quality education in Oromia region was implemented with vibrant community participation and lessons for further scale-up to other similar areas.