repherrals software solutions pvt ltd

  • American Medical Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Employee Referral Program (ERP) in the IT contributes almost 35% of all hires every month. To make things easier, has been developed to cater the needs of both the employee and the recruiter for their mutual benefit.

Repherrals is a unique process where a recruiter can refer a candidate and recruiter. Repherrals is an amalgamation of both Employee Referral Program (ERP) and Recruiter Referrrral Program(RRP). 

Repherrals is a recruitment referral website that exhibits the effective value for employee, employer and referee. benefits the Employer with desirable employee, Employee with Suitable placement and referee with referral bonus.

  • A registered user can refer his friends and earn referral benefits.
  • User can be Individual/ Recruiter
  • Recruiter can refer other recruiters, double the opportunity to get more benefits.
  • helps to improve human networking and industry knowledge.