Getachew Niguse General Contractor

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Getachew Nigussie General Construction (GC-3) is a company established in the year 2011 G.C to involve in great spectrum of engineering activities, mainly in construction of road, building, drainage structures, bridge, water supply, spring development, treatment plant, service reservoir, pipeline network, irrigation, and other water related structures and civil construction. The company members ,who are well experienced professional in construction management & construction of buildings, irrigation and drainage, road and bridge structures and electro mechanical engineering activities for all civil work and other construction related activities .

The Company, since its establishment, has been engaged and successfully completed various projects

Getachew Nigussie General Construction (GC-3) is established by well-experienced   professional .the company is inspired by the vision and value set forth by its aim which forms the foundation of its business fabric. It is guided by the principle to uphold the highest degree of integrity and be keen to provide a client with the highest possible service.