Ghershen Consulting

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Barnett Gershen specializes in helping executives shorten their journey to the next level of success. Barnett's consulting services are the result of hands on experience from leading an enterprise from its inception through a successful exit. Associated Building Services or ABS -- starting with two employees -- became the 9th largest privately held maintenance contractor services company in the US with 13,000 employees and sales of $230 million. Barnett is regularly featured in the BSCAI magazine and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.


We guide and assist C-Level Executives and their Management Teams to quickly and efficiently reach the next level of success... And we have fun while we do it!

o   Increasing Your Top Line

o   Increasing Your Bottom Line

o   Helping you find, develop, and retain the best team

o   Decreasing Your Risk of Doing Business

o   And, We'll Make You Look Good While We're Doing It!

Gershen Consulting provides a variety of functions to CEOs, Board Members, and C level Executives.  Through Gershen Consulting, you have access to traditional and non-traditional resources such as performance evaluation tools/processes, hiring and team development tools, vendor selection and performance, and financial expertise.  Gershen Consulting can also help with tactical and strategic planning.

o   Gershen Consulting can provide an organizational development plan to help you find, retain and develop the best people for your situation.

o   Gershen Consulting can create and help implement a new Board of Advisors or improve the effectiveness of your existing Board.

o   Gershen Consulting can function as a sounding board to top management and Board members.

Gershen Consulting can help with your financial analysis and accounting improvements… increasing your top and bottom lines, along with your cash flow.
Lastly, Gershen Consulting will work together with you to develop a profitable and smooth exit strategy for you. And, we can have fun while we're doing it.