Oct 07, 2019

High School, Primary and KG Teachers

  • Gibson School Systems
  • Gibson School Systems, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Full Time Education Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Description

The Gibson School
Systems invites all qualified degree holders in the fields described below:

Self Contained, Junior Teachers, English, Mathematics, Social Studies (Geography, History and Civics), Amharic, Economics/ Business, Technical Drawing, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), Nurses, Secretaries, and Physical Education teachers.

Job Requirements:
Qualification and Experience:

Subject teachers are required to have at least two years teaching experience
New/ recent graduates with strong written and speaking skills with no experience from any field (junior teachers and students supervisors)
The diploma in Pedagogical Sciences will be given for free as a part of the teacher training process.

How To Apply:
Interested applicants can apply online through seekerfit.com


In person in our Central Office in Bole near the Friendship Building

Please call 0944247045/0116-62-83-12 for location or more information

Branches Located in:

Bole Medanealem

Bole 24 CMC

Sar Bet / Mekanessa

Kore Kolfe Lafto

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