Dec 19, 2020

Digital Finance Expert for Unilever Shakti Ethiopia, Better Than Cash Alliance

  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • UNDP, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Scope of Work

Based within the Kidame Mart team, under the direct supervision of the Better Than Cash Alliance Private Sector Digital Innovation Lead and the Africa Regional Lead in consultation with Unilever Ethiopia and  Kidame Mart, the Consultant will provide technical expertise and support in preparation, design, and when confirmed project management and documenting lessons learned and recommendations on the digital payment and working capital pilot implementation, including engagement with Unilever, Kidame-Mart and selected financial partners. This will include but not limited to defining characteristics of digital payment solution, developing the pilot protocols, selecting location for pilot, incentives for adoption and link with mobile money agents. Key responsibilities are as follows:


  1. A) Pilot Preparation and Design


Conduct and assessment of the current digital payment solution that Kidame Mart is implementing with a focus on:


Document the end-to-end process flow of the solution [ This should include relevant aspects of training of the women micro-entrepreneurs on the solution, onboarding, legal documents used, cost structure and pricing of the solution, payment flows between the women micro-entrepreneurs and Kidame Mart, conflict resolution mechanisms etc.]

Number of women micro-entrepreneurs currently using the solution and impact on their business.

Attitudes of the women towards the solution

Document challenges (including impact of the shift from credit-based to cash-based sales on the women micro-entrepreneurs) and lessons

Assess to what extent the current pilot has incorporated the responsible digital payments’ guidelines.

Based on the assessment above provide technical input and support to refine the digital payment and working capital solution for the women micro-entrepreneurs that can support growth of their business, increase access and usage of digital financial service and access to finance in collaboration with BTCA. Key elements for consideration of the proposed pilot:


Ensure regulatory compliance of proposed solution for women micro-entrepreneurs, Kidame Mart and Unilever

Work with the financial service provider to document the workflow for the digital payment and credit solution

To the extent possible, ensure incorporation of the responsible digital payments’ guidelines into the solution.

Assess potential for scale in Kidame Mart’s current 8 regions of operation and future envisioned locations.

Provide expertise on data management and analytics and solution marketing to drive user adoption and optimize user experience.

Prepare a pilot inception report on the design, function and implementation steps for the digital financial and working capital solution. This will capture among others:


Objectives of the pilot

Design of the solution

Implementation plan that includes location of the pilot and rationale thereof, number of target women micro-entrepreneurs, definition of a successful pilot [elements like active usage will have to be defined] etc.

Progress to subsequent phases will be based on the development of a sound digital financial solution that is regulatory compliant and intended to achieve stated objectives key among which will be achieving increased financial inclusion and access for the women micro-entrepreneurs. This will be agreed upon by Unilever, Kidame Mart and BTCA.


  1. B) Pilot Development and Implementation


Lead piloting of digital financial solution across one selected pilot region which will include five locations.

Prepare, align and share progress reports on the pilot.

Propose recommendations and implementation workplan for scaling up of the digital financial solution across remaining Shakti locations after pilot

Key target indicators for 6-month pilot


100 women micro-entrepreneurs in one region (approximately 20 per location) registered and trained on digital payment solutions and actively using their digital accounts (e.g. at least 2 of 4 financial transactions conducted digitally)

% and volume of digital payment transactions made on the digital payment solutions within the first 3 months of launching

Availability of data and track record of digital payments to be used in defining working capital credit solution for the women micro-entrepreneurs with selected FSPs

Number of working capital facilities extended to women micro-entrepreneurs

Capacity Building


Working closely with Unilever Ethiopia, Kidame Mart and the selected FSP, support capacity building of field teams to implement the digital financial solution.

Support capacity building of relevant Unilever Ethiopia, Kidame Mart and the selected FSP field teams to embed the innovation, partnership and operational mindset and skills to drive the digital financial solution

Identify and coordinate development of future innovation areas, in particular to build credit, working capital solution for women micro-entrepreneurs.

Stakeholder Engagement


Map the project critical stakeholders, set up and coordinate meetings and engagements with all potential partners on implementation of the digital financial solution including but not limited to Unilever, Kidame Mart and selected FSPs.


As part of the consultation with various partners and stakeholders the consultant will be expected to engage with additional FSPs that may also have potential to scale a digital payment and working capital solution across all 8 current regions of operation and future envisioned locations of the Shakti Program which will give the women micro-entrepreneurs the benefit of choice.

Document lessons


Document the learnings on digitization process and dissemination: At the end of the project, the overall experiences and lessons learnt should be documented in a final public learning paper, that will be written in close consultation with Unilever Ethiopia and the Alliance before becoming publicly available.