Jan 03, 2021

Information Technology Advisor

  • Development Bank of Ethiopia
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Job Description

  1. Introduction

This term of Reference (TOR) outline the duties, responsibilities and required key competencies of the Information Technology Advisor, Primarily focusing on the Strategic Plan of the Development of Ethiopia. In broader terms, the Advisor is responsible to the design and implementation of a Ten Year Information Technology Policy, Strategy, and Plan for the Development Bank of Ethiopia, splitting in to short, medium and long term.

2. Background

Development bank of Ethiopia (DBE) is a public policy Bank facilitating the National development agenda through the providing development finance and technical support for viable projects in line with the government set priorities. DBE finances large and medium scale projects engaging in manufacturing, agro-processing, commercial farming mining and extraction industries. It is also mandated to finance small and medium enterprises.  The Bank mobilizes fund from domestic and foreign sources.

3. Current Situation of the DBE Information Technology Systems

Development Bank of Ethiopia is a public enterprise that strives to support the sustainable development of the country by financing relevant projects. This document provides a very brief presentation of current IT systems at the bank. Data Center, Wide Area Network and Local Area Network

The Bank uses x86 based desktop computers and laptops with Windows Operating Systems for end users.

The Bank has a data center and a Wide Area Network (WAN) which has now connected about half of the branches. The bank’s 76 branches have Local Area Network (LAN) and are also connected to the data center using WAN..CISCO products and technologies are used for LAN. Most of the Bank’s servers use Oracle Linux operating system while fer servers use Windows Server operating system.

3.1       IT Security

The Bank uses Kaspersky Total Space Endpoint Security Antivirus to secure its desktops and laptops. The bank also uses some security products like Unified Threat Management and Identity Service Engine to secure its network and endpoints, IT Applications and Supporting Systems.

3.2       IT Applications and Supporting Systems

The Bank uses the following major systems to support its business.

  1. T24 R18 CORE Banking System

The Bank uses Temenos’s T24 Release 18 (R18) CORE banking system. This system is used for almost all the banking activities of the bank, such as Loan creation, Loan disbursement, Loan Collection, Cheque related transactions, cash withdrawals, cash deposits, balance sheet and income statement reporting, fund transfers with other banks, etc. It has also been interfaced with NBE’s ATS system to transfer funds and perform cheque related transactions with other local banks of Ethiopia.

The system runs on Oracle Linux 6.8 operating system and it uses Oracle database 11gR2 and is accessed through web (currently through Jboss-4.2).

  1. Oracle Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence.

The Bank currently uses Oracle Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence for its report generation.  Few reports are still under implementation.

  1. Oracle E-Business Suite

The Bank is using the Oracle E-Business suite Enterprise Resource Planning system. Some of the implemented modules are core HR, Payroll, Self Service, Purchasing, Inventory, i-Procurement, General Ledger (GL), Fixes Asset (FA), Cash Management (CM), Account Payable (AP), Account Receivable (AR) and i-Expense

  1. SWIFT Alliance

The B ank uses SWIFT Alliance Entry system for correspondent banking with other international banks. The system runs on Microsoft Windows operating system and it uses embedded Oracle database.

  1. DBE Loan Provision System

This is an internally developed system used for the production of loan provision and portfolio reports. This system is developed using Java Servlet technology, runs on Windows operating system and uses MySQL database. It has a web-based user interface (using Apache Tomcat application server).

  1. Bond Stock Management System

This internally developed system has been in use for the past five years to manage the GERD Bond Coupon throughout the country. The system is specifically used to register, track and maintain the balance of GERD Bond Coupons from Print Out until distribution to different agents and different branches of the Bank. This system has been developed in Java and has a web based user interface. It is currently deployed on Oracle Linux operating system and uses Oracle database 11gR2.

  1. Bond Sales Management System

This is another independent system used to register the bonds sold by the bank and different agents. The system is currently in use by Corporate Bond Management Directorate to get financial and other information about the bonds sold by the bank and other agents. The system has an interface that allows to import the bulk data from different agents and branches. For the bonds sold at CBE, a dedicated interface has been created to enable staff of the bank to export bond sales data at bulk from remote. This system is also developed in Java and has web-based user interface. It has currently been deployed on a dedicated high-end server on an Oracle Linux operating system as volume of data processed by the system is very large.


This is an internally developed system that is used for validating the Credit Information Center (CIC) data before uploading it to the NBE’s CIC system.

  1. UN Sanction Screening System

This internally developed system is used for searching customers against the latest black lists. This system enabled the bank to comply with the requirement of the National Bank of Ethiopia.

  1. Customer Information and Product Warranty Tracking System(CIPWTS)

This is a system that is more or less the same as the Rural Electrification and Fund Management System. It has additional feature of mobile application.

  1. DBE’s Corporate Email

The bank uses Zimbra Collaboration Open Source, a full-featured messaging and collaboration application. This system is used as the corporate mail system of the bank and is deployed on Oracle Linux operating system.

  1. DBE’s Portal (Intranet)

This system is currently being used as a portal for internal use in the bank on which different information such as news and documents for internal use are shared. The system is developed using Joomla technology and it runs on Linux operating system.

  1. DBE’s External Website

The external web-site of the Bank is currently hosted on a server in the bank’s data center, using Joomla technology on Oracle Linux operating System. The website is used to provide information for customers and other stakeholders.

  1. Fleet Management System

A fleet management system is being developed by INSA to be used for the management of the transport system of the Bank. Currently, there are some remaining items to be incorporated and finalized by INSA. It is deployed on Windows operating system MS SQL database management system.

  1. Research Data Bank

Research Data Bank (also called Machinery Database) is another system developed using Joomla technology running on Oracle Linux operating system, using MySQL database.  It is used for the management of the Bank’s research data on various machinery.

  1. Main Duties

The IT Advisor supports the DBE in building capacity in the Information Technology management area through providing quality and prompt advisory service to the president, designs short and long term IT policies and strategies. The Advisor supports the Executive Management in ensuring that the Information Technology of the Bank is effectively used to help in meeting its organizational objectives. The Advisor will have the following responsibilities:

  • Develops IT strategy of the Bank in consultation with the IT work unit.
  • Reviews all IT related items that require the decision of the President and/or Executive Management including budget, plan, project proposals, policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Prepares short, medium and long term IT strategies aligned with the goals of the Bank and provides recommendations on IT infrastructure investments.
  • Monitors the implementation of the Management’s IT related decisions and the performance of the IT unit as a whole, identifies any bottlenecks and issues, and provides summary reports with appropriate recommendations to the management.
  1. Reporting relationship

The IT advisor shall regularly report to the President of DBE. The president provides directions on assignments, review and approve performance and progress reports delivered by the Advisor.

Job Requirement

  • At least a Master’s degree of its equivalent in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology or related fields.
  • At least six years of experience in managing Information Technology operations and / or projects in bank or relevant institution.
  • Experience in the design and implementation of IT strategy, policies and procedures.
  • Familiar in IT Security Management Systems (like ISO/IEC 27001), Information Technology Frameworks (like ITIL and COBIT) and IT risk management.
  • Experience in implementation or upgrade of core banking system, electronic banking channels like mobile banking, mobile money, Internet banking, card banking, interfaces, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etc.
  • Experience in the implementation and management of IT infrastructure including data center (physical facility, access control systems, CCTV systems, generator and UPS, air conditioning, monitoring systems, etc), disaster recovery center and related systems.
  • Excellent inter-personal skill and ability to work effectively with range of stakeholders.
  • Ability to effectively manage projects, including outlining project objectives, planning work in a structured and systematic manner.
  • Ability to work proactively and own initiative.
  • Ability to work under pressure and in tight deadlines.

Place of Work- Head Office

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit their application letter, CV and non-returnable copies of relevant credentials within seven consecutive working days from the date of this announcement to:

Development Bank of Ethiopia, Human Resource Management Directorate, HR Planning & Recruitment Team in person.