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Internal/External Vacancy Announcement( Re-Advertised)

 Médecins Sans Frontières (also known as Doctors without Borders or MSF) is a private, non-profit, international humanitarian medical organization that intervenes in emergencies and crisis situations to relieve human suffering resulting from unmet medical needs. MSF observes strict neutrality with respect to politics and provides its assistance without discriminating on the basis of race, religion, ideology, or political affiliation. MSF’s members are required to respect humanitarian principles and principles of medical ethics at all times.


MSF Holland is looking for:  Supply Activity Manager


Place of work: Nguenyyiel Refugee Health Project (Refugee Camp), Gambela

Terms of employment:  1 year with a possibility of extension

Remuneration and Benefits:

Starting gross salary: 30,614.00 ETB Plus non-taxable hardship allowance Birr 5,500.00

Medical Coverage 100%


Main Purpose

Defining, coordinating and monitoring all activities in Nguenyyiel related to one or more   areas of the supply programme (Warehousing, stock management, Dispatching, Procurement, etc.) according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure an optimal running of the mission/project and to achieve a proper distribution of material resources in terms of price, quality, time and service, ensuring efficiency, accountability and transparency as well as contributing to shape the supply chain at local, regional and international level.


  • In collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator-Supply the Project Coordinator, defining the supply activities and planning the annual budget for the area of the supply programme under his/her responsibility in order to identify and optimize the response to the needs of the mission and the target population.
  • In line with MSF’s protocols, policies, standards and guidelines, ensure the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the validated mission supply strategy under the Logistic Coordinator responsibility.
  • Ensures the stability of the supply activities within regular and emergency intervention of the Nguenyyiel Project.
  • Planning, organizing, and monitoring the implementation in the project of the supply activities according to the context specificities and the operational needs while ensuring compliance with MSFstandards, protocols and procedures, and reporting to the Project Coordinator on the development of the supply programme under his/her responsibility. This can include one or more of the following areas:

Warehouse & stock management:

  • Defining, coordinating and monitoring all Warehouse and Stock Management activities in the Nguenyyiel project.
  • Guarantees the standardization of warehouse management, focusing on medical stocks and the interactions within the mission, Nguenyyiel Project and partner organizations.
  • Analyze monthly stock report and take necessary action. Closely monitor the stock level (medical and non-medical) related to monthly consumption figure, expiry dates, excess drugs and possible shortages in the Nguenyyiel Project.

Cargo transportation & dispatching:

  • Defining, coordinating and monitoring all activities related to movement of medical and non-medical goods entering to and leaving the project.
  • Identify the best possible transport of goods in terms of quality, price, service and time for each type of goods and destination as well as organizing the logistics of goods transport to the Nguenyyiel ensuring compliance with the deadlines.


  • Defining, coordinating and monitoring all procurement activities related to local, regional and international purchases of goods, transport, subcontracted works and services for the project.
  • Coordination of the order cycles for medical and non-medical supplies, together with the Project teams as per MSF standards and guidelines, using the TSR when appropriate.
  • Validate the use of the supply related third parties (suppliers, transport companies ….) proposed by the supply officers or purchaser, together with the technical referents when needed.
  • Participates in tenders and bidding contest according to MSF procedures.
  • Validates contracts concluded with local suppliers together in collaboration with the finance department, in collaboration with finance, Project Coordinator and  Logistics Coordinator-supply.
  • Ensuring that purchasing procedures comply with the requirements established by MSFand local law.
  • Prepare project orders, approving regional purchases up to a pre-defined threshold.
  • Coordinates after approval order processing, reception and dispatch, informing the requestors on the progress.
  • Acts as a permanent auditor of the supply chain: as such, monitors the different supply processes as well as the use of tools and the accurate execution of the supply procedures and proposes adjustments where needed.
  • Ensures the correct implementation including quality and completeness of the supply software (UNIFIELD) and organizes training according to the needs.
  • Links with the finance department to make sure that all financial and donor requirements are correctly implemented and followed on.
  • Ensure compilation and analysis of reports according to guidelines (Logistical Statistical Reports, KPI’s, Site Reports, etc.) and recommend appropriate corrective measures as necessary. In consultation with Project coordinator and in cooperation with Storekeeper organize 4 monthly (preferably, a week before 4M, 8M & 12 M) physical stock counts in the Nguenyyiel Project.
  • Offers a permanent technical support to the supply teams as well as to the other departments of the region (Finance, Medical, …)
  • In collaboration with the Project Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator and the HR Coordinator, participating in the planning and implementation of HR associated processes (recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, evaluation, detection of potential, development and communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required to correctly perform all supply activities pertaining to his area.

Job Requirements



Degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management/ Logistics and Supply Chain Management


pharmacy background


Minimum 4 years previous experience in Supply Chain Management and in organization of supply administrative procedures (preferably in Medical and Humanitarian organization)


English- Mission language essential, local language desirable.


Essential Computer Literacy (word, excel, outlook etc), mathematics, reporting and analytical skills.


· People Management

· Commitment to MSF Participles

· Behavioral Flexibility

· Results and Quality Orientation

· Teamwork and Cooperation

· Organizing, planning and coordinating

· Problem solver




Main Purposes

Providing support to the Project Coordinator in the security management and the coordination tasks, ensuring a smooth relation with local and national authorities and contributing to the context analysis and follow-up according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure the smooth running of the project


  • Representing MSF externally together with the Project Coordinator (PC) or alone (when delegated) and negotiating on behalf of the project coordination in close cooperation with the PC and based on beforehand agreed messaging. Assisting in safeguarding and promoting MSF’s image externally
  •  Monitoring, analysing and reporting on key issues (security, risk, etc.) to the Project Coordinator and providing contextual information, through a sound knowledge of counterparts, parties, actors, authorities and military groups, in different administrations/parties and governorates/districts in order to improve understanding and decision making processes. Maintaining the security database and providing a biweekly context analysis based on recent incidents and developments
  •  Assisting in exploratory missions and assessments as needed and participating in the development of security plans
  •  Assisting the Project Coordinator in Internal and External Communication sessions and events about MSF (for National staff, the Ministry of Health staff, as well as local authorities, community leader, military actors, security forces) in order to improve awareness, understanding of MSF principles and services and public opinion adhesion. Write meeting minutes and contribute to the meeting logbook.
  •  Ensuring the continuity of relations/networking with local actors (other NGOs, UN agencies, local authorities, media, etc.) and filing and updating field contacts and correspondence in order to ensure information sources accuracy and its availability on regular basis. Organizing advocacy contacts and appointments for the Project Coordinator. • Translating and reviewing documents and acting as an interpreter when needed. Assisting the Project Coordinator in the drafting of correspondences with authorities and counterparts (government officials, military actors, community leaders, UN agencies, NGOs, etc.) in order to ensure fluent and accurate communication flows.
  •  Preparing and conducting context, cultural and security briefings on the project context to new employees (national and international) in order to facilitate their integration and within the project environment. Ensuring regular security briefings/trainings of assessment team, drivers, and guards in consultation with the Project Coordinator.
  •  Being contactable by phone and available to assist the Project Coordinator with important context, security and operational issues that may occur outside of regular working hours unless otherwise agreed with the PC (e.g., holidays)
  • Performing assigned additional responsibilities or tasks as required by the Project Coordinator


MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities



MSF project in Abdurafi concentrates its activities on treatment for snakebite patients and uncomplicated and complicated cases of Kala Azar (+HIV/TB) through free diagnosis, treatment/stabilisation or transfer to Gondar and other IPD related emergency conditions. In addition MSF conducts clinical research with the intention to improve the treatment of snake bites and treatment of Kala Azar. With an office in Bahir Dar, MSF has a health surveillance capacity of emergency and outbreaks, advocating for appeals to promote appropriate response in Amhara region.


Specific Accountabilities:


  • Actively contributes to the MSF identity, values and principles by reflecting, discussing and contributing to the project objectives.
  • File and update field contacts and correspondence (with other NGOs, UN agencies, local authorities, media, etc) in order to ensure information sources accuracy and its availability on regular basis
  • Execute clerk-related activities
  • Translate documents and interpret when needed ensuring neutrality, respect, accuracy, cultural sensitivity and confidentiality.
  • Sets up accurate filing systems and ensures that they are being maintained
  • Prepare and conduct briefings on the project context to new employees in order to facilitate their integration on board and within the project environment.
  • Ensures the continuity of relations with local actors and keeps updated the list of contacts.
  • Organize advocacy contacts and appointments for the Project Coordinator with local authorities and partners to ensure the continuity of relations with local actors and involved counterparts.









Job Requirements


Diploma /Degree preferably in the field of Social Sciences (Political Sciences, International Public Law, Anthropology, Economics, etc.)


•       Essential: Experience in and exposure to working in a complicated political, security and humanitarian environment

•       Essential: Experience in data collection, reporting and analysis

•       Desirable two years previous  experience in  similar jobs in the field of humanitarian aid with MSF or other NGOs

•       Desirable: Management experience



Essential, mission language; local working language would be an asset


•       Essential computer literacy (word, excel, Internet/social media)

•        Excellent understanding of MSF’s principles and values

•        Knowledge of and interest in humanitarian issues

•        In-depth contextual knowledge and analysis skills

•       High level of knowledge of local culture and customs



•        Results and Quality Orientation

•        Teamwork and Cooperation

•        Behavioral Flexibility

•        Commitment to MSF Principles

•       Stress Management


How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit their non-returnable CV and application including photocopies of all supporting documents to the address given below:


  • HR & Administration Department, MSF Holland P.O. Box 34357 Addis Ababa Ethiopia or deliver at MSF Holland office, Addis Ababa Yaka sub city, woreda 7, Kebele 11/12, House no.605 (in front of Levi Building )or apply through Ethiopia-jobs@oca.msf.org
  • MSF-Holland Office in, Abdurafi
  • Gonder-L-shope Hotel
  • MSF-Hollande- Bahir Dar Office-Dib Anbesa Hotal


Please Note that we only contact short-listed candidates.