Feb 18, 2018

10+ NGO Jobs in Ethiopia at Vita/RTI

  • Vita/RTI -Ethiopia
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Job Description

Vita/RTI  Job Vacancies in Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, AA, Ethiopia 

Vita is looking for competent and qualified candidates to apply for the following job positions in Ethiopia:


  1. Job Title:  Assistant Agronomist 
    Omorate Town(Dasenech Woreda)/Kangaten Town(Nyangatom Woreda), SNNP, Ethiopia

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support to Strengthen pastoral irrigation schemes and assist to design new ones to link with farming system, assist to develop management procedures on the use  of water resources
  • Collect data on the existing irrigation system and consolidate for the proper action
  • Facilitate Conduct assessment on soil fertility improvement techniques, such as conservation farming, crop rotation, composition, mulching, fertility trench, double digging and provide capacity building for action
  • facilitate partners to support pastoralists to access agricultural inputs and at the end to link with marketing value chain
  • Support to introduce integrated pest disease management system to prevent from the recurrent production damage
  • Assist to promote new agricultural practice through demonstration on FTCs and model farmers

Job Requirements:

Required Education:

  • BSC Degree from recognized university/college in plant science/crop production or similar level of study

Required Experience and Skill:

  • 3 years of NGO experience in crop production, irrigation, dry land agriculture and experience in project management
  • Knowledge of local language is plus



2.    Job Title: Community Development Facilitator

Hammer/ Dassanech / Nyangatom woredas and Bench Maji zone selected woredas (TB), SNNP, Ethiopia 

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Engage in community mobilization to the actual project intervention based on targeting criteria
  • Collect and organize data to measure future impact against target profile and situation analysis
  • Work with community leaders and government agriculture extension services to support the intervention
  • Organize communities to access agricultural inputs, capacity building program and management of agricultural technologies

Job Requirements:

Required Education and Experience

  • College Diploma in plant science/ related field
  • 3 years of experience in community development work
  • speaking local language and knowhow the culture is an asset
  • NGO experience in the field of work is preferable
  • Motor bike driving license is required



3.      Job Title: Publication Officer

Addis Ababa

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Writes publications such as project cases and success stories, press releases, articles, newsletter, news stories, features, backgrounders, brochures, handbooks, bulletins..etc  and review/recommends substantive editorial changes as needed
  • Develop proper documentation manual to manage publications
  • Edits all elements for style, substance and organization. proofs and fact-checks all copy, and may perform layout work of a detailed nature
  • Oversees all aspects of production, often of multiple publications; copy editing, fact checking and quality assurance stages; often using desktop publishing or other publication-specific software tools
  • Provides text and technical services to developing and maintaining Web pages and/or other forms of electronic communication

Job Requirements:

Required Education 
BA Degree in Journalism, literature, or related field, or an equivalent of education from recognized university/college
Skills and Experience:

  • 5 years relevant experience in publication
  • Strong working knowledge of printing, publishing and/or graphics arts procedures and related computer software and electronic communications tools
  • Writing skill in English and Amharic language is essential



  1. Position: Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
    Turmi ( Hammer Woreda), SNNP, Ethiopia
    Major duties and responsibilities:
  • Spearhead the development of M&E systems with standard procedures and process to ensure credible, reliable, timely and cost-effective monitoring data to inform ongoing management decisions and uphold accountability
  • Lead the adaption or development of specific planning, assessment, monitoring and evaluation and reporting tools for consistent and quality data collection, coherent with M&E guideline integrating quality assurance mechanisms
  • Provide technical guidance incorporating appropriate M&E systems into project based on needs and donor requirements, resources and capacities
  • Routinely perform quality control checks of M&E work, overseeing the recording and reporting of progress and performance of the operation compared to targets
  • Conduct /Supervise baseline survey, Mid-term review and terminal evaluation
  • Develop systematic and realistic monitoring plan that capture quantitative and qualitative data
  • Study and periodically document success stories, lessons learned & best practice

Job Requirements:

Required Education and Skills

  • BA /MA Degree in Agricultural Economics and related fields
  • BA degree 5 year or for MSc/MA  3 years relevant experience in M&E of NGO projects;
  • Data integration and analysis using relevant software application is essential
  • Proficiency in English language is essential
  • Report writing, communication and analytical skill is required


5.      Job Title:  Project Admin Accountant 

Turmi ( Hammer Woreda), SNNP, Ethiopia
Duties and responsibilities

  • Maintain computerized accounting system in line with country office system
  • Manage receipt and disbursements for project fund in accordance with NGO regulation and prepare periodic financial reports
  • Perform payroll activities incompliance with the existing procedures
  • Ensure taxes are collected and timely deposited in accordance to the government regulation
  • Maintain proper filing system for financial documentation
  • Engage in allocation and effective and efficient use of logistics and office facilities
  • Ensure human resource management and control

Job Requirements:

Required Education and Experience

  • BA Degree in accounting from recognized university/college
  • 5 year of financial management experience in NGO sector is required
  • Proficiency in accounting principles and practices
  • Proficiency in application of relevant accounting software
  • Working with team spirit is highly required

  1. Job Title: Admin Assistant

Turmi ( Hammer Woreda), SNNP, Ethiopia

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Keeps all the documents and files of the field office in hard and electronic form
  • Maintains the office facilities to make office in proper working condition
  • Maintain all communication facilities for office work
  • Keeps personnel files and other materials of a confidential nature
  • Manage all incoming and outgoing correspondences
  • Maintain petty Cash books for accounts records
  • Handle payments and manage petty cash as per the working procedure
  • Handle store management and control inventories

Job Requirements:

Required Education and Experience

  • Diploma in accounting or management from recognized university/college
  • 3 years of working experience in NGO sector is required
  • knowledge in accounting principles and office management is essential

How To Apply:

Application Procedure:
Interested applicants are invited to send their CV with covering letter in English to Vita/RTI Addis Ababa P.O Box 10744 and /or by email through vita2014jobs@gmail.com or vitaaddisababa@gmail.com to Vita Arbaminch Coordination Office, P.O.Box 144 or hand delivery to Vita Turmi Field Office.
Woman applicants are encouraged to apply

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