Mar 08, 2018

Data Manager | Research Data Entry Clerk

  • Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI)
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Job Description

Ethiopia Public Health Institute (EPHI) Vacancy Announcement


Ethiopia Public Health Institute (EPHI) is nationally mandated institute to lead public health research on national and sub-national priority health problems. EPHI is establishing a National Data Management Center (NDMC) with the vision to be center of excellence in generating and synthesis evidence on public health and biomedical sciences for Ethiopia. The goals of the center are to create a sustainable data management and evidence synthesis system for epidemiological and burden of disease researches, evaluation studies, disease control priority and biomedical research data for Ethiopia. This is to build databases, data management, evidence synthesis approaches on health and health related data through pooling all available data in the country and abroad focusing to Ethiopia. The ultimate goal of the national data management center is to maximize the utilization of available data related to health and to fill the gaps on evidence informed health decision through rigorous scientific methods application at national and sub-national levels. Through its units, the center will continuously collect and store all available health related data, synthesis available health related evidence from local and international research and academic institutes, agencies, manage and process the data and measure health progress and health loss due to different health conditions with the applications of robust scientific methods and provide timely quality evidence for partners.

1.     Research Data Entry Clerk 

Ethiopian Public Health Institute/EPHI/would like to invite qualified, competent and interested applicant for the Research Data Entry Clerk positions.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Be able to review documents before entering the data and consult data manager if any incomplete, inconsistent or illegible data exist.
  • Be able to develop data entry plan with the team based on priorities, timely compile and sort data for entry.
  • Perform data entry, data cleaning using CSPro/ SPPSS/ STATA / Excel or any data entry format
  • Ensure data quality using different techniques such as comparing entered data with source documents, or re-enters data if error is detected, inspect, clean, transform, and model data
  • May compile, sort, and verify accuracy of data to be entered.
  • Review data sources and follow standard procedures given by the data manager for resolution.
  • Maintain data entry requirements through data program techniques and procedures.
  • Be able to verify entered data using different techniques such as reentering data; combining data, eliminate duplication of data.
  • Tests system changes and upgrades by inputting new data; reviewing output.
  • Secures information by completing data base backups.
  • Maintains confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.
  •  Keep record of work completed.
  • Demonstrated communication skills
  • Familiar with  existing data sharing policy and practices  
  • Knowledge of computer systems and operations
  •  Knowledge of data entry methods and procedures
  •  Ability to organize and schedule data entry work
  •  Ability to operate computer software packages relevant to the work
  • Skill in the operation of computer and peripheral equipment
  •  Basic secretarial knowledge

 Required Number: 2 (Two)

Report to: Data Manager

Duration: One year with possible extension

Job Requirements

Qualification and Experience:

  • BSc degree in the following fields (Health informatics/Information Technology, biostatistics/statistics or demography or mathematics)
  • Must have 2 years and more demonstrated data clerk experience.


2.     Data Manager

Ethiopian Public Health Institute/EPHI/would like to invite qualified, competent and interested applicant for the Data Manager positions.

Duties and responsibilities

Data Management

  • Be able to discover efficient ways to organize, store and analyze research data with attention to security and confidentiality
  • Having advanced data management skills, strong understanding of databases and data analysis procedures
  • Ability to develop and implement Data Management Plan (DMP) and procedures
  • Ability to ensure data flows timely and securely to and from NDMC as well as within NDMC
  • Be able to use statistical software such as CISPRo, EPI-Info, Stata, SPSS, R etc.
  • Be able to develop data entry platforms, data dictionary using the above software
  • Familiar with  existing data sharing policy and practices  
  • Be able to establishes data quality standards and works with reporting research institutes to ensure standards are met
  • Ability to prepare datasets and respond to data request
  • Ability to develop data tracking mechanisms from different data sources
  • Having advanced statistical knowledge and skills
  • Ability to analyze heterogeneous epidemiologic data, surveillance data, evaluation data, biomedical data or any health related data
  • Be able to enforce institutional and national data sharing policies for effective data management
  • Ability to develop and maintains a public access or limited access data research portal

Communication and coordination skills

  • Demonstrated inter personal communication skills
  • Ability to present NDMC data management approaches to national and international workshops and conferences as needed
  • Able to coordinate and facilitate data mapping, digitizing, andcentralizing existing and new data sources in the country 

Mentor ship and supervision

  • Be able to supervise data encoders
  • Be able to provide training to  the data encoders
  • Ability to supervise different data sources in the country.

Required Number: 1 (One)

Report to: NDMC Director

Duration: One year with possible extension 

Job Requirements

Qualification and Experience:

  • MSc. degree in the following fields  (Biostatistics/statistics or demography with IT background, computer science with statistics background, or health informatics with biostatistics/statistics background)
  • Must have 2 years and more with proven experience as data manager. 


How to Apply

Interested applicants can register in person or send their CVs and relevant documents at the address given below within 10 working days from the first appearance of the announcement.

Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Human Resource Management Directorate

 Human Resource Management Case team

Room No. 112

P.O.Box 1242 or 5654

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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