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GIZ- Qualifications and Employment Opportunities for Refugees and Host Communities in Ethiopia Program (QEP)



The new program on Qualifications and Employment Perspectives for Refugees and Host Communities in Ethiopia (QEP) has been commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in December 2017. The program is part of the German Special Initiative on Displacement and seeks to provide better vocational training and employment perspectives for refugees and host communities in Ethiopia. The program leverages the potentials of TVET for integration. Implementation will take place in Addis Ababa and Jijiga, Aw-Barre and Shedder (Somali Region). A further area for implementation will be determined.


QEP works on three output levels and seeks to (1) increase the quality of technical and vocational training (TVET), (2) broaden the opportunities of TVET available to the target groups and (3) foster entrepreneurship and exchange formats for employment. QEP works together with the public TVET system and tries to extent the standards of the Ethiopian TVET system to TVET opportunities available for refugees and remote host communities. The program works in fragile social and economic contexts. It is therefore crucial that refugees and Ethiopian host communities benefit equally from program interventions. The changing regulatory framework governing inter alia access to education and employment for refugees poses a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. Currently the program is looking for a qualified candidate as per the detail below.


1.     Senior Program Officer

Internal/External Vacancy Announcement #045/2018



Position:                                 Senior Program Officer

Place of Work:                      Addis Ababa

Application deadline:           March 18, 2018

Required Candidate:                        One



Within this context, s/he will cooperate closely with the programme coordinator in the following tasks:


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Development of strategic and technical implementation concepts, with focus on entrepreneurship activities
  • Implementation of activities
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Ensuring cooperation with implementation partners (TVET colleges, NGOs, government offices, institutions of refugee affairs, industry, other partners)


Programme planning and concept development

  •  Designing innovative measures of entrepreneurship support for refugees and

host communities with visible employment effects

  • Developing Capacity Development Approaches and strategies for the programme
  • Drafting of a monitoring system and operational plans
  • Data gathering from implementation sides for eg. PR and reporting duties



Programme activities implementation


  • Carries out activities within QEP
  • Contributes to the implementation of a grant agreements (contributes to the content of the grant agreement; oversees implementation of activity packages in Addis Ababa and takes on process management with a respective NGO and TVET college)
  • Coordination and organisation with TVET colleges (eg. in Jijiga and Addis Ababa regarding general modes of cooperation, teachers training, material supports, organisation of targeted programme activities in TVET colleges, etc. ), federal TVET institutions (such as TI and FTA)
  • Conceptual planning and drafting of workshops, (capacity development) trainings and other programme related events
  • Preparation and steering of short-term consultants and experts of the project to fulfil their tasks during their assignment (organises deployment of short term experts, coordinates with relevant stakeholders, eg. TVET colleges, NGOs, institutions of refugee support)


Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Develops a proposal for the M&E system
  • Communicates with partners and stakeholders to gather baseline data for M&E system
  • Follows up the project monitoring system, updates information concerning the progress of the project and keeps M&E data base up-to-date


General Duties

  • Support to the GIZ programme management in reporting procedures
  • Represents the interests and always acts on behalf of the GIZ-programme
  • Brings in his/her personal network with relevant stakeholders to foster the success of the programme and achievements of results


Other Duties/Additional Tasks

  • Contributes to the development of programme related documents (internal and external)
  • Contributes to public relations activities of the programme by identifying relevant success stories, faces and achievements from the field
  • The regular duty station is Addis Ababa, however, the position requires duty trips to programme implementation sides as for example Jijiga area (Somali Region), refugee camps and a third area of programme implementation.


Required qualifications, competencies and experiences

The suitable candidate should have strong background in entrepreneurship support, ideally experience in or knowledge about Ethiopian TVET system, experience in the field of migration and/or providing TVET/education opportunities to displaced persons in Ethiopia. In addition ideally, the candidate should know current debates and developments in the policy field of migration/displacement/refugees in Ethiopia.



Job Requirements

Relevant Qualifications and Professional experiences

  • M.A./M.Sc. in political science, public management/policy, economics, or related field of study
  • Minimum of 5 years relevant occupational experience expertise in the necessary field as Consultant or Program Officer
  • Experience in multi-stakeholder management
  • Experience with working in (governmental, inter-governmental or non-governmental) international organizations, ideally in the field of refugees, migration, entrepreneurship, vocational training and/or employment promotion
  • Experience in designing and conducting entrepreneurship projects with proven successes; knowledge about current debates and approaches in entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge about the Ethiopian TVET system and/or relevant developments in the field of refugees/migration in Ethiopia, especially in regard of education/training, livelihoods and employment promotion
  • Good overview and knowledge of relevant stakeholders in the area of vocational training and entrepreneurship (private and public) in the context of displacement
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to facilitate agreements in complex settings of stakeholders
  • Experience in M&E, qualitative and quantitative reporting


Other qualifications:

  • Excellent written and spoken Amharic and English
  • Very good analytical skills
  • Experience with working in socially fragile contexts
  • Experience in conceptualising workshops and other multi-stakeholder and/or public events
  • Able to drive results and meet timelines


2.     Program Officer

Internal/External Vacancy Announcement #047/2018


One of the focus areas for implementation is Jijiga and the two refugee camps in close proximity, Aw-Barre and Shedder. In Jijiga, QEP will support the public TVET college in selected focus areas. Also, QEP will work with an NGO in the setting of Aw-Barre and Shedder refugee camps to support the improvement of TVET and further expand offers of TVET. Linkages (teacher exchange for training; student’s mobility for further training; etc.) will be created between the public TVET college in Jijiga and the TVET centres at refugee camps in Aw-Barre and Shedder. Measures of holistic entrepreneurship support for refugees and host communities will be conducted to achieve direct employment effects. Currently the program is looking for a qualified candidate as per the detail below.



Position:                                 Program Officer

Place of Work:                      Jijiga, (with frequent travel to Aw-Barre and Shedder)

Application deadline:           March 18, 2018

Required Candidate:                        One



The programme officer will be based at the Somali TVET Bureau, steers and ensures the satisfactory and timely implementation of activities related to the TVET College Jijiga and relations with the TVET implementing partner in Aw-Barre and Shedder refugee camp. The programme officer works with the programme coordinator in Addis Ababa regarding the conduct of activities in Jijiga area and will also cooperate with a programme officer in Addis Ababa regarding the design and steering of entrepreneurship related activities. The programme officer functions as the focal point of QEP in Jijiga for officials from the TVET system, other relevant bureaus, ARRA and partner NGOs.



  • Maintains good relations with the focal persons for QEP implementation at the TVET Bureau, at the TVET College Jijiga and other relevant (government) offices to further develop the foundation for a successful project implementation
  • Cooperates, regularly communicates and updates Program Officer coordinator on the progress of activity implementation in Jijiga, Aw-Barre and Shedder
  • Initiates, steers and monitors the implementation of activities in cooperation with the TVET College Jijiga. This includes inter alia
    • Steering of processes to improve college teaching facilities
    • Organization of maintenance trainings at the college
    • Contribution to procurement of material and equipment
    • Steering installations of materials and equipment
    • Organization of training for teachers
    • Organization of workshops
  • Contributes to the development of “mobile teaching modes”/outreach measures of the TVET college Jijiga to reach refugee populations in Aw-Barre and Shedder (linking the public TVET with TVET for remote communities)
  • Organizes outreach of the TVET college Jijiga (eg. short term trainings in metal work; wood work, etc.) to and cooperation with TVET implementing partners in Aw-Barre and Shedder
  • Cooperates with the agriculture department (focal person) of Jijiga TVET college and an international agriculture expert of QEP in introducing and maintaining an agriculture teaching field
  • In cooperation with implementing partner in Aw-Barre and Sheddder organizes agriculture related trainings for beneficiaries from irrigation schemes in Aw-Barre and Shedder on the newly introduced training field
  • Contributes to the development of holistic entrepreneurship support measures in cooperation with the TVET college Jijiga and implementing partners in Aw-Barre and Shedder
  • Provides guidance and advice to entrepreneurs to foster the success of their business
  • Supports implementing partners in Aw-Barre and Shedder in cooperation with the Centre of Competence and modes of assessing refugees according to the Ethiopian occupational standards
  • Contributes to the documentation of successful approaches to further document and develop generally applicable approaches of delivering TVET to displaced communities in remote contexts
  • Collects relevant data from TVET Bureau, TVET College, implementing partners in Aw-Barre and Shedder as well as other relevant organizations and provides them in appropriate form (word, excel) to QEP office Addis Ababa
  • Contributes ideas about success stories and major achievements in the field, shares them with QEP office Addis Ababa and connects respective PR staff with the “faces behind the story”
  • Organizes regional conferences/events and facilitates national and international visits to the implementation area Jijiga, Aw-Barre and Shedder in cooperation with QEP office Addis Ababa

Job Requirements

Qualification and Requirement

  • Minimum Bachelor degree in social sciences (eg. educational science, political science, public management/policy, related fields) orBachelor degree qualifying as TVET teacher
  • A minimum of 5 years relevant occupation experience in the necessary field
  • Experience in organising and steering complex processes that involve a variety of stakeholders and require a high degree of coordination
  • Theoretical and/or practical experience related to the Ethiopian TVET system
  • Experiences in entrepreneurship support and employment creation measures are additional advantages
  • Local experience and networks in Somali Region, especially Jijiga area including knowledge of relevant stakeholders in the field of TVET, entrepreneurship, and employment creation are a strong advantage
  • Experience in cooperating with Ethiopian government offices, agencies, NGOs and ideally international organisations
  • Very good language skills in English (writing, speaking, listening); good knowledge of Somali (writing, speaking, listening) is a strong advantage; good knowledge of Amharic (writing, speaking, listening) is an advantage
  • Good skills in using Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and Outlook)
  • Flexibility and preparedness to perform a changing array of duties according to the needs of the programme


3.     Junior Program Officer

Internal/External Vacancy Announcement #046/2018


Position:                                Junior Program Officer

Place of Work:                      Addis Ababa

Application deadline:           March 18, 2018

Required Candidate:             One


The employee will support general day to day program implementation and works closely with the program coordinator. Her/his main areas of work include workshop organization and conduct, contribution to drafting and designing of PR materials, support to M&E, contribution to reporting duties, and other areas where need may arise.


Tasks to be performed include


  • Independently organize logistics of workshops, trainings and other program related events
  • Cooperate closely with administrative staff regarding settlement of workshops, trainings, etc. expenses including per diems
  • Compile basic data on participation in workshops, trainings and other events and keep data base up-to-date
  • Compile program implementation related data (output indicators related, impact related, people reached related, etc.) in a data base; make sure that data base is kept up-to-date and available to produce aggregated numbers for reporting and PR purposes
  • Contribute to the organization of the program’s knowledge management system
  • Organize and contribute to a program newsletter

 General content of the position

  • Compile and draft documentation of success stories
  • Contribute (designing, drafting) to other program related documents for internal and external use
  • Organizational and planning related tasks as well as other tasks related to the daily office routine

Job Requirements


  • Minimum Bachelor degree in social sciences (eg. political science, public management/policy, development studies, communications or related fields)
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Excellent language skills in English and Amharic (writing, speaking, listening)
  • Experience in event organization
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) as well as data management
  • Excellent skills in Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel
  • Experience in writing short, informative texts in English and Amharic (eg. for PR purposes)
  • Ideally experience in design of PR materials (fact sheets, flyers, power point presentations etc.) with widely used graphic programs (eg. InDesign)
  • Theoretical and/or practical experience in the fields of TVET, entrepreneurship and the context of migration in Ethiopia is an advantage
  • Flexibility and preparedness to perform a changing array of duties according to the needs of the program


How to Apply

Application procedure:

Interested and qualified candidates shall submit their application letter along with their non-returnable recent CV via to the following address:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

P.O. Box 100009

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Fax: 011 554 0764



The name of the position for which the application is made should be clearly marked on the envelope or on the fax applications. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.


Applications from qualified women are encouraged

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