Jun 13, 2018

Auditor at Hope for Children Australia (HFC-Aus)

  • Hope for Children Australia (HFC-Aus) -Ethiopia
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Job Description


Hope for Children Australia (HFC-Aus) is an Australian grass roots organization, working in Ethiopia on community based initiatives and focusing on education, health, and livelihoods. 

HFC-Aus is pleased to invite qualified & registered Audit firms recognized by the office of the Federal Auditor General to submit their Technical & Financial (fee) proposal for auditing the books of account of the NGO for Fiscal year ending July 7, 2018. 

HFC-Aus operational budget is approximately ETB 15 million for the 2017-18 financial  year.

Objectives and Scope of Audit

The objective of the audit is for the auditors to conduct audit reviews as follows:

1.    The auditors shall express an independent professional opinion as to whether the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of HFC-Aus in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standards INGO. and the requirements of the Charities and Societies (ChSA) Proclamation under 621/2009 in Ethiopia.

2.     The audit shall be carried out in accordance with the International Standards. The auditors in their duties shall comply with the duties imposed upon them by the Audits Professions Act and the ChSA regulations in Ethiopia.

3.     Management letter-The Auditors should submit a management letter after the completion of the audit in which auditors will:

  • Identify specific deficiencies or areas of weakness in systems and controls, and make recommendations for their improvement in line with ChSA standards;
  • Examine on test basis that appropriateness of supporting documents, records and books of accounts relating to all project activities;
  • The auditor shall report the identified amount in case there are any missing supporting documents;
  • Any matters that come to the auditor’s attention during the audit that might have a significant impact to the implementation of the programme.
  • Ensure the 70/30 regulations implemented accordingly. 

4.  The audit reports shall:

  • Contain details of the method and scope of audit and assurance that the audit was performed in accordance with International Standards of Auditing and by a qualified auditor.
  • Signed by the auditor responsible stating the title.
  • Written in English
  • Issued in soft and hard copy for circulation to the relevant government agencies (ChSA) and partners and 4 stamped official hard copies (3 audit report with recommendation and 3 copies of management letter) will be produced and delivered to HFC-Aus for files.

5.   Responsibility for preparation of Financial Statements

  • The responsibility for preparation of the annual financial statements lies with the HFC-Aus and management.
  • Management is responsible for implementation of accounting, administrative and financial procedures documented in the HFC-Aus manuals.
  • HFC-Aus financial year end runs from 8 July to 7 July.
  • Rotation of auditors will be done at least after each years at the discretion of the HFC-Aus management and Country Representative, but the engagement with one audit firm will not exceed 3 years consecutively. 
  • HFC-Aus reserves the right to terminate the engagement should it deems necessary even before 3 years.

Job Requirements

HFC-Aus will do the adjudication after the proposal submission deadline. The selection criteria will include the following:

1.    Eligibility 

  • Authorization by the Charities and Societies Agency to conduct audits for non-profit organization.
  • Provide valid certificate and registration by the country’s regulation. 
  • The Audit firm should hold should be “B” grade classification, as per the directives and our budget size, as per the Charities and Societies proclamation. 
  • Experience of your firm in relation to the scope of audits for non-Profit organization.
  • A list of similar non-profit organizations served by your firm.
  • Your staff assignments and availability to start and complete the audit on a timely basis and ability to submit final report 15 days before deadline to submit to ChSA i.e. 15 August of each year.
  •  Participation of senior audit personnel assigned to the engagement.
  • Depth of Technical Resources (CV of the assigned team leader).

2.    Technical and Financial proposal should include:

  • Proposed fee for the engagement. 
  • The proposal should indicate anticipated fees for the second and third years
  • Detailed audit plan/methodology including your approach to risk and fraud detection.
  • Estimated number of hours/days to complete the audit. 
  • Time Requirements.

3.    The HFC-Aus Reserves the Right to reject any and all proposals submitted.

4.    Only shortlisted audit firms will be contacted. Please note that this advert contains full Terms of Reference, hence no further tender documents are available.

How to Apply

Proposal submission in HARD COPY ONLY.  Submissions received in soft copy will automatically be discarded.

Deadline for submission 1 July 2018

MUST include a Sealed Technical and Financial proposal, with contractual agreement terms and conditions.

Please submit Proposals to:

Hope for Children Australia:

Gulele Sub-city, Woreda 03 House no. 002,Shiro Meda, Back to Spain Embassy  OR

P. O. Box: 33286, Addis Ababa

Enquiries please call + 251 (0) 11 8688620  

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