Oct 15, 2018

Consultant for Evaluation of Education Programme

  • Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Job Description

Consultant for Evaluation of Education Programme

Adventist Development and Relief Agency International

I. Job  Summary

ADRA Norway is looking for M&E and education specialist candidates or firms to conduct the final evaluation study of the Norad-funded education programme Strengthening Equity, Access and Quality in Education (SEAQE) in East Africa (Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia) and Myanmar.

A consultancy team can apply for (1) all countries cited in the two terms of reference (ToRs), (2) only the East African countries or (3) only Myanmar. The deadline for submitting the application is 31 October 2018.

The final evaluation study has to be carried out between November 2018 and January 2019. The final report is due to ADRA Norway by 5 February 2019.


ADRA Norway is one of the leading international education development organisations in Norway. Through our work, we strive to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, irrespective of their religious, political, social, ethical or national background. We have an integrated approach to education, building on the whole school approach that involves students, teachers, parents, the community and the government working together to enable all children to receive a quality and inclusive education. ADRA applies a rights-based approach where, through partnerships with children, women, their families, civil society and government, we support the voices of the excluded and marginalised to be heard on issues that affect them. This builds mutual understanding between rightsholders and duty-bearers and promotes the rights of vulnerable groups to fully participate in, and benefit from, their societies. ADRA Norway is a member of the international ADRA network with over 120 locally governed country offices, eight regional offices and an international network office.

SEAQE: ADRA Norway and partners will conduct a final evaluation of the programme Strengthening Equity, Access and Quality in Education (SEAQE) in Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Myanmar, which receives financial support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). In the last four years, the SEAQE programme has focused on increasing educational opportunities for all children, including poor and marginalized children.


The purpose of this field-based, external and independent final evaluation study is to assess the implementation process and impact orientation of the SEAQE programme, with feedback on the achievements to donors, ADRA Norway and partners regarding the intervention logic and expected results/indicators. Moreover, this study also aims to assess learning opportunities regarding the appropriateness of the implementation strategies and advise on future education programming in the areas of inclusion and child protection and safeguarding.


The specific objectives of the consultancy are as follows:

  • Detect the real changes in the field and analyse the changes attributable to the intervention;
  • Verify and explain achieved results;
  • Identify and judge unexpected results;
  • Assess the sustainability of the intervention’s benefits;
  • Assess the adaptability of acquired experiences or approaches to future programming.

The evaluation is expected to enable all implementing partners to conduct an internal review by applying participatory methods and a reflection workshop.


The evaluation will focus on:

  • Outcome/Impact
  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Replicability
  • Partnerships
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Further details and evaluation questions can be found on ADRA Norway's website.


In each country, a representative number of schools will be purposely sampled by the consultancy firm/consultant for fieldwork. The consultants should use both qualitative (focus group discussion, case stories, key informant interviews, observation) and quantitative methods (structured questionnaires, surveys, etc.).

The evaluation approach should provide adequate room for consultation and involvement of relevant stakeholders at project woreda/county levels, project field offices and ADRA country offices. In addition, the evaluation should explore critical reflections by stakeholders, particularly children and community groups at the grassroots level. Participation of children, partners, SMCs and PTAs, relevant stakeholders and communities/parents is key (particularly the most marginalized), both as evaluation methodology, learning process and a way of assessing their ownership, understanding of the objectives and felt impact.


The design and implementation of the final evaluation must also take into account and abide by ADRA Norway’s strategic principles. This means, for example, ensuring our core stakeholders of vulnerable children, youth and women are at the centre of the research, that principles of gender equality, inclusion and non-discrimination are considered and acted upon throughout, and that the meaningful participation of children, youth and women and other key stakeholders is promoted in the design and implementation of the baseline.

Bidders are required to set out their approach to research ethics and protocols in regards to ensuring complete compliance with international good practice particularly with regards to safeguarding children, vulnerable groups (including people with disabilities) and those in fragile and conflict affected states.


The successful research partner will have a solid track record on the criteria below, with examples of evidence for each. The consultant must have:

General criteria

  1. At least a Master’s degree in Education or firms with an education expert as part of the consultancy team
  2. Demonstrable expertise with civil society, rights and gender equality
  3. Thematic expertise in education, teacher training or curriculum and policy. A focus on marginalised children within education would be an added advantage.
  4. Geographic expertise in East Africa, with significant experience in Somalia, South Sudan or Ethiopia being an added advantage

Technical criteria

  1. Experience with quantitative and qualitative methods and analysis, particularly experience with programme monitoring and evaluation systems, including those using participatory approaches and ‘hard to measure’ indicators
  2. Evidence of strong downward accountability mechanisms used with programme stakeholders/research participants to actively share results and learning
  3. Evidence of use of ethical considerations and methodological measures for conducting research with girls, women, boys, men and particularly those who might be disadvantaged and marginalized
  4. Evidence of successfully designing and managing large-scale, rigorous and robust research processes and evaluations

Track record

  1. Evidence of successful collaboration with NGOs, and particularly collaborations that included capacity building.
  2. Experience meeting the demands of large institutional donor-funded programmes and coordinating activities with multiple stakeholders
  3. Evidence of producing high quality, published research

ADRA Norway invites applications from eligible and qualified individuals or organizations to undertake the work specified in these terms of reference (ToR). Interested parties should submit to ADRA Norway the following:

  • A technical proposal responding to the ToR, with specific focus on addressing the Scope of Work, timeline, methodology and ethical protocols to be used;
  • Preliminary information about the consultancy team being able to travel to programme sites in South Sudan and Somalia.
  • An initial work plan based on methodology outlined, and confirming availability of the applicant;
  • Company or organization profile (where applicable) and CVs of consultant(s) who will deliver the work;
  • A minimum of 3 references (organization or individual consultant as appropriate);
  • Two samples of a survey report produced by Consultant / Company within the last 3 years. Applicants who do not submit sample reports will not be considered
  • Financial proposal or budget breakdown based on expected daily rates and initial work plan.


PLEASE NOTE: A consultancy team can apply for (1) all countries cited in the two terms of reference (ToRs), (2) only the East African countries or (3) only Myanmar.

Further information and detailed terms of reference are available on ADRA Norway's website.


A consultancy team can apply for (1) all countries cited in the two terms of reference (ToRs), (2) only the East African countries or (3) only Myanmar. The deadline for submitting the application is 17:00 Norwegian time (CET) on 31 October 2018.

Applications should be clearly marked Proposals to conduct Final Evaluation Study of SEAQE and sent to Elidon Bardhi, Programmes Director of ADRA Norway at elidon.bardhi@adranorge.no. Please copy Erik Eriksen (erik.eriksen@adranorge.no) on your correspondence.

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